Hello everyone! It’s your captain here. Are you ready to set sail to the sea of knowledge with me today? I’ll be your captain of this ship of curiosity. And today’s destination is “The Island of Polyglot”.

Before we set sail, I want to ask you question. Do you know what is Polyglot? Maybe some of you already knew what Polyglot is, but I will give you little clue to feed your curiosity. Polyglot is One who masters, notably speaks, several languages. Now, I bet your curiosity-sense is starting to tingling. Well then, let’s set sail to “The Island of Polyglot”.

As I said above, Polyglot is someone who knew and able to use several languages. Being a Polyglot is exciting, I also want to become one someday. I mean, imagine you can talk freely with someone from different country without if being afraid of accidentally saying “the bad word” of their language. Other benefits from being Polyglot is you can read thousand books without waiting it to be translated to your native language. And the best part of being a Polyglot is that you can have friends fromĀ  all around the world easily. How cool is that, eh?

I know being a Polyglot is hard. But “big things have small beginnings”. Don’t be afraid of trying something new and get of your “comfort zone”. You can start by learning the most used language in the world, English (if English is not your first language of course). Then, after you able to use English, you can try to join some international forum of your interest that uses English as the main language. There, you can meet and talk through the forum with people from around the world. From there, you can ask them to teach you how to speak their native language. And after some phase, you’ll be able to use the language! The key is, “Don’t be afraid of getting the wrong words”. Not every person will mock you for choosing the wrong words, although there always be someone who ‘ll do that. Just don’t be afraid of making mistakes, It’s normal in the learning phase.

Now, after you knew about what Polyglot is. Interested of being one? Just do the steps (or tips) I said above! Unfortunately, our journey will have to come to an end here. I’ll see you again next time with another destinations. And always remember, DON’T BE AFRAID OF TRYING OR LEARNING SOMETHING NEW! Thank you for being with me till the end of this sail. Bye-bye now!


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